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Thank you for tagging me in this challenge @VixenVivi I'm super psyched to share some of my favorite bands with all of you!
The challenge is to share the song that first got you into a band. And I've got a lot...

Lucifer- SHINee

I can't believe it's been five years since this came out. I was totally hypnotized by this song (I still am!), the dancing, the music... even the cars haha. I sent this video to a bunch of my friends because I was so amazed at how well they could dance! Little did I know k-pop is basically dominating when it comes to dance. This was the first k-pop song I really loved.

Girl Anachronism- The Dresden Dolls

I swear, I've always loved music but I feel like before I heard this song I had no idea what music really *is*. I didn't understand the passion that goes into it. This song totally resonated with me. I felt totally disjointed and complex and bizarre and when I heard this song I had this extremely visceral "me too" reaction that I'll never shake.

Kashmir- Led Zeppelin

This song is BEAUTIFUL. I love classic rock, and this song is probably what got me hooked. It probably started as a pretentious thing ("oh... I don't like rap, I listen to good music" ugh @ past me) but this music has become one of my truest loves.

Cleanin' out My Closet- Angel Haze

Speaking of rap... thankfully I learned and realized I was missing out on an amazing genre. Angel Haze is one of the greats- we're seriously lucky to have them. This song is SERIOUSLY HEAVY- don't listen to it if you're not prepared. It uses the beat from the Eminem song of the same name, but it's about the really horrific sexual abuse the rapper experienced as a child. It's brilliant and brutal.

Louder- Neon Jungle

Here's something inspiring. This band is genuinely beautiful in every sense of the word. Their music is brave and inspiring and uplifting and I love listening to them. This song in particular- it's the first one of theirs I heard and I immediately had to start listening to everything else.

Lover to Lover- Florence and the Machine

This song just slays. It makes me feel fierce!


I said I'd go light on k-pop to give the other music communities some love... but thanks to Vingle I'm learning a lot about k-pop right now! So I thought I'd include this one as well because OH MY GOODNESS this song is so good.

Anaconda- Nicki Minaj

I'd heard a lot of her music before this song came out, but I don't feel like I was really a fan until Anaconda. I'll confess... I didn't really understand what she was doing. But Nicki Minaj is really fighting the music business and she is going HARD against all the racism and misogyny that unfortunately still exist in the system. She's a warrior and her words are weapons.

I hope you all liked my selections!

Clearly I have very eclectic taste in music...
I'm tagging @felicityautumn @Kirito719 @NextGenerations @y0umakemesad @JustBrittany @JoePerez @Ash2424701 and @sphelpswiley in this challenge! If you've never done a challenge before, this means that you get to make a card telling us all about the songs that got you totally hooked on your favorite bands or musicians! If you've never made a card before, here are guides to help you! And don't forget to tag me @shannonl5 in your card so I can give it some love!
i have way too many cries in spanish
@baileykayleen yeah! They all have amazing voices
Neon Jungle! Love their music.
@y0umakemesad tranquila tranquila! Haha I don't really speak Spanish. Do you think you'll make a card? @Ash2424701 yesssss :D they're an awesome band! @blakethetrain oooh I don't know that one! @ButterflyBlu haha great minds think alike clearly :D
I love it!!! It really shows your range of taste haha
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