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Soo I was looking at Zico's 'Yes or No' MV (which is too short Zico! I want more!!) and this popped up in the suggestions. Looked dark and interesting so I watched. I think I kinda like it. Got kinda an old school sound too it. The group is called VAV, the song is 'Under the Moonlight', and all I can find is that the group consists of Korean and Chinese members. Anyone know anything about this group? Whatta ya think of the teaser?
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Stop trying to kill me!!!!!! Stahp!!!!! 😲😧😍
@destiny1419 ooh thank you for investigating! I was so tired after I posted this I crashed... @MattK95 me too! @Exoexo hehehe sorry it Zico's fault really that I even stumbled upon them! They do sound pretty good though don't they?
@KellyOConnor You're welcome did you see the card I had made I found pictures and stuff I think I tagged you in it
@KellyOConnor Yes! I'm so intrigued! 😶
@destiny1419 yes I just did and it's awesome thanks for finding ao much info on them!! I can't wait for their debut to see what they're all about!