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How much do you know about the Cuban-American culture? Alright let's see. Can you point out which is the BIG-FAT-LIE?!

1) Most Cubans dip their toast into their coffee

2) In Cuba, these are called 'pastelillos'

3) "Que Bola" is a Cuban-American slang often used in Miami

Number 2 is the lie! For meat turnovers, they are called 'empanadas' in Cuba. 'Pasellilos' is what Puerto Ricans call them.:-)
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I'm going with 2. Puerto Ricans call them pastelillos and Cubans called them empanadas.
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@danidee @karencorchado @luci546 @butterflyblu @jazziejazz anyone wanna take a guess??? :-P
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I'm not sure if most of them dip there toast into there coffee but the Cubans I know don't's 1 or 2
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