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Prove you're the best at comics trivia!

We played this game last week and it was SO MUCH FUN. This week I'm thinking of TWO characters, one from Marvel and the other from DC. But I'm not telling you which is which!
Character 1:
He originally debuted in 1940 with Hawkman One of his early villains was... The Turtle
Character 2:
Her kids are twins She's wearing a wimple in the comics

Good luck with this one!

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@Megamind I think it would be know, over too quickly to adequately enjoy.
Answers 1. The flash 2. Scarlet witch I like what u do Shannonl5. Keep it going... Hope this time will also be the correct answers.
I'm going with the flash. I'm not sure about #2
idk too hard :, (
@FernandoGarza I'll reveal the answers on Friday!!!