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What TSwift song do you NEED to listen to right now?

Simply pick the gif that most closely resembles your current frame of mind!

Appreciating Yourself For Being a Badass

This song is brimming with girl power! Taylor wrote it as a big F-U to the haters.

Life is Just Kind of Awkward

This song will help you embrace the weirdness.

Feeling Betrayed

Sing out your feelings. He didn't deserve you anyway.

Romance Is In The Air

There's nothing like the magical feeling at the beginning of a relationship.

So. Over. It.

Sick of the haters? Let Tay put them in their place.

Watch Out, 'Cause I'm 'Bout To Stab A Bitch

Don't mess with this.

Feeling Sad

Sometimes you just need a reminder that everything's gonna be okay.

I'm a Strong, Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man

Who needs boys? Single life is the bomb.

Which song did you get??

If you guys like this quiz, I'll make more of them for other artists! :) Let me know <3