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Our favorite candidate Bernie Sanders got a bit more likable after Larry David did a fantastic impression of him on this weekend's Saturday Night Live.

A fan favorite and total character, Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls.

SNL painted him as a bit of an old coot, a fogie who is bad with technology and a little out of control, but definitely earnest.
The 10 minute cold open reminded me of SNL's past, where the comedy was sharp, no punches were pulled...and the impressions were interesting but realistic.
The sketch also featured Alec Baldwin as Jim Webb
Kate McKinnon as Hilary Clinton
Kyle Mooney as Lincoln Chaffee and
Tarran Killiam as Martin O'Malley

The clip is totally worth the watch.

Any shrewd political junkie will laugh at this. It's perfect. There have to be some moments of levity in this horrorshow right? Have some laughs and then return to cold, hard reality.

What do you think? Accurate, scary, or both?

Hilarious!! My favorite part: "Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond to that?" *loooonnnng drag on the cigarette* "NOPE."
So perfect right @JPBEnedetto #FeelTheBern hahahahha
"I don't even have a backpack...I've gotta put my clothes on the radiator!" Comedy gold - absolutely love how Larry portrayed the Bern - hilarious!
did you have a happy heart explosion? me too @danidee
Alec Baldwin and Larry David in one skit is too much for my SNL-happy heart to handle.
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