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The Tonight Show never fails with the weird games they play with guests. Recently, they decided to have Tom Hanks act out his most recent film Bridge of Spies but if it was written by a bunch of elementary school children.
It really made me miss Tom Hanks as a comedic actor. Bridge of Spies is one of those deadly-serious movies so seeing him depart from his recent roles as a dramatic actor was fun. And in a weird way, it made me think of Big. But if I'm not thinking of Big, then I'm probably not thinking clearly at all.
It also made me realize that I'd much rather watch a lot of movies if children wrote them. I mean other than weird child labor laws, I've found that I like their short scenes (using the video above as a foundation for this new found opinion) a lot better than anything I've heard while I was taking film production classes.
There's a different kind of honesty in their lines that are sometimes really funny or heartwarming. I don't think Hollywood is good at being funny or heartwarming anymore. That's not entirely true but I think what I'm trying to say is that there have been more misses than hits in the past couple of years.
You can compare the Bridge of Spies penned by children with the actual trailer (which I left for you below).