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Russians might become the first ever moon-dwellers and the European Space Agency (ESA) is going to help them in their endeavor.
This collaboration will be the first attempt to send key technology name Luna 27, a robotic lander that will explore the moon in 2020.
The results of sending this lander will help determine if Russian can construct a permanent outpost on the Moon. Luna 27 will land in the South Pole, which is also often called the “dark side of the moon.” In essentially a giant crater.

Why the dark side of the moon?

Well, it’s pretty cold I heard... Really though, it’s actually so cold that there is moisture in the air. Which ultimately means there is a possibility water. But you know, don’t take it from me.
"The environment is completely different, and due to the extreme cold there you could find large amounts of water-ice and other chemistry which is on the surface, and which we could access and use as rocket fuel or in life-support systems to support future human missions we think will go to these locations.” - James Carpenter, ESA’s lead scientist
Russia is taking the leap to space.

Will the U.S. follow suit and make the attempt in the space endeavor?

Perhaps we have another space race on our hands. This is pretty big stuff, as it could mean a whole new colony on the moon.
@InPlainSight I think you might be right there. and now that they discovered water there, I think it’s looking more like they are investing in that area!
I think US has its sights on Mars. This is just the Russians grabbing headlines
Another Cold War possibly?
hopefully we they can share the moon with us and make peace and have no space wars on the because that would be very bad
who knows?! I feel like in terms of politics we might be drifting that way... @mchlyang.