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Sooo cold I don't know what I'm suppose to do with my life anymore. No Dramas What is Life without dramas?
You can make Kim So Hyun a happy man again. All you need to do is just comment down a k-drama. Please? I seriously need a k-drama to watch (I sound like a desperate hobo asking for dramas instead of money)
l rember you, shool 2015, exo next door,exo showtime
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I hate when a drama it sad, I feel u
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Angel Eyes and Kill Me Heal Me are my favorites and if you like Kim So Hyun u may enjoy Producers or My Love From Another Star
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Secretly, Greatly - movie with Soo Hyun bae. Doctor Stranger, Full House Take 2, I Can Hear Your Voice, Orange Marmalade, High School Love On, Gu Family Book, The Good Doctor aka Faith, Pinocchio, Doctor Frost...
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