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Did Narcissistic Abuse End Conrad Roy's life?
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The above picture is of the alive and well girl friend of the now dead, Conrad Roy. Why is he dead? Well, I'm sure you already heard, but I want to make sure no one misses this, especially sinse I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse and an advocate and supporter of all survivors of narcissistic abuse. Unfortunately, Conrad was not a survivor. HERE'S HIS STORY Conrad was 18 and had been suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide. He told his girl friend and instead of trying to get help for him, she encouraged him and even made him feel obligated to do it, saying, "You have to do it now. Why haven't you done it?" She even told him where to go to do it and instagated the whole thing up until he became unconcious. She was talking to him on the phone and said that she heard him crying. He even Got out of the car having second thoughts and she demanded that he get back in. And before anyone even knew that she had been instagating the whole thing, she was already posting on twitter trying to get attention and sympathy for herself over her dead boyfriend. She was charged with involentary manslaughter, though I can't imagine why. She should have been charged with volentary manslaughter because she knew that he was going to die. If convicted, she could spend a maximum time of 20 years in prison. She was 17 at the time of the crime but is being tried as an adult. Keep in mind, we are talking about a severely depressed and suicidal young man, obviously not in his right mind. Depression put him in a vulnerable state of mind. This girl used that like a tool to manipulate him and make sure that he went through with it. She wanted him dead and she got what she wanted. She was even telling him that she loved him and it was the right thing to do. My opinion is that she should suffer the same fate with the whole nation encouraging her suicide.
Here is a link where you can sign a petition to get a law passed in honour of Conrad. And there is also a link that will take you directly to the text messages that they sent to each other on that day.
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@RavenWilde it鈥檚 a video of TYT! I just started getting into that new source. I thought it was really interesting. what is your opinion on the matter?
haha i think they hate me!! thanks for the comments to all of you who dont hate me.
but yeah my spelling is bad and i dont mind being corrected because now, i can spell it right and i would say thanks to them but i know they werdm just looking for a way to piss me off so i cant say thanks to an asshole. lol.
@butterflyblu theres no help for pure evil. shes a sociopath. theres no treatment or thearapy that can help that.