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Mysterious Star Could Be a Sign of Intelligent Life

Ok, I know I’m talking about the stars a lot, but this is big stuff guys!
In the Northern hemisphere’s of the sky there is the Kepler Space Telescope, which stared taking images and sending them to NASA beginning in 2009.
NASA flagged one star in particular as “weird” or interesting because of bizarre light patterns. It appears the there is a giant mass of objects swirly the star.
Now, pretty freaky right? You still aren’t convinced? Well listen to what some of the scientists have to say about the star and tell me you aren’t a little weirded out.
"If blind nature deposited this mess around the star, it must have done so recently. Otherwise, it would be gone by now. Gravity would have consolidated it, or it would have been sucked into the star and swallowed, after a brief fiery splash."
“We’d never seen anything like this star.”
“It was really weird. We thought it might be bad data or movement on the spacecraft, but everything checked out.”
“It looked like the kind of thing you might expect an alien civilization to build.”


Who else is freaking out by this news?

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@nicolejb "They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonized it. So, technically, I colonized Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!" - Mark Watney
@InPlainSight what are the chances
As always, as our intelligent, discerning, beautiful news mod, this story is great. It is kinda freaky too....I mean real aliens...woah!
This is pretty exciting @nicolejb!! Is the star really far away?? Like could we somehow transmit a message there anytime in the near future?
LOL @mchlyang great Martian reference!! 😂😂😂 you nerd, you 😊
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