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My daughter is only 7 and she loves big bang. So last night we was watching some shows of big bang. As a mom, i get curious about whats in her mind. So i ask her "what she likes about each men in big bang?" These are her answers:; πŸ‘‡
"Taeyang is very manly and adorable" I asked if he's her type. "A lil but not close enough" πŸ˜‹
Seungri and Deasung " they are too funny ma, i just love thier smiles and laughter" Again i asked if they are her type. " no , but i wish they are my brothers" πŸ˜…
T.O.P "He is verryy handsome mommy!! I very like how he looks like" I asked again about her type "He is more than Taeyang ma" 😰
G-Dragon "Oh ma, he is just too perfect! And yes ma he is my type boyfriend." Like she answer my question i asked her why is he her type... Lol "Ma, he is just cute,funny, and very beautiful. I want him. Can u get him for me mom??" My face just blanked out 😳😐 All i can say in my mind is this "i want him too😢" Lmao i love her Hope u enjoy my mother/daughter convo ❀️