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I played Jungkook's cover of Lost Stars for my friend who has recently discovered Kpop and has picked Jungkook as her bias. She literally started crying as she was listening to her bias' beautiful voice! I was wondering if there were any K-pop moments or songs that ever made you shed a tear? When Jackson got to see his parents for Christmas during Roommate, I bawled like a baby!😭 Doesn't have to be sad, sometimes comebacks bring happy tears or a bias/group does something that has me rolling on the floor, crying with laughter!
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when vixx had their first win and leo balled so did i. when jackson met his parents i balled. when jackson sang a covef of "silence" i cried because i love his beautiful voice that is hidden away as a rapper. and i cried when exo talked about losing kris....and every moment after that
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@LexTay327 No, work. But I'm seeing my sister in a month, so I'm really excited for that. :)
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I cried too for lost stars but only when Jung kook did it the original version not so much. he has so much emotion in it.
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@kpopisnylife Kris...Luhan...Tao SM probably makes me cry more than any other company @cindystran that's great! I am glad that you get to see your family ☺️ @SarahVanDorn So true. He has such a powerful voice that he could probably sing a nursery rhyme and I would tear up
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My god there are so many songs that make me cry it's like AHHHH BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!! Like It's Okay by BTOB Never Let Go by 2AM Wouldn't answer my calls (not very sure if I called named it correctly) by 2AM A.D.T.O.Y by 2PM
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