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So far this week has went down hill. I had a fight with a friend last night and they made me feel like a sack of poo
I gotten yelled at for wearing a scarf on my head.
Well like good job school for making people of all races feel comfortable living they way they wanna. I tbh refuse to take off the scarf they can eat my poop.

On the good side

I downloaded a new game And some new kpop songs so I'm good and pictures of Tao make me happy.

Sorry for ranting on. I just really needed to let of and talk about pointless stuff.
Hope the week gets better!! (i hear a bts comeback is any day now so be prepared for the world to implode)
girl wear whatever the heck you want! p.s. I like the color馃槉
@thePinkPrincess than you. I'll try. ;0;
I'm am.....probably not ready to be honest and might die from an overload of fangirling
@kpopandkimchi IM GUNN CRY
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