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In the words of Tina Fey: I want to go to there.

I recently wrote about how Gilmore Girls really nailed the beauty of New England fall, so I figured it was only fitting that I share some pictures encompassing the natural glory that is foliage from my weekend jaunt to Connecticut.

Pretty is pretty.

Harry Potter also loves fall.

This tree is begging to be read under.

Be still my beating heart.

Who else wants to day-trip to Connecticut right now?

@GalaxyTacoCat @Birdlady - Yup! It's all from the Hillstead in Farmington :) The grounds are free to explore - highly recommend!!
First pic Looks like the Hillstead Museum. The Farmington Valley area is really nice.
What part of CT? I live there, and the foliage is probably the only nice thing around here lol
New England is beautiful anytime of the year, but Fall is breath taking there. Connecticut is quite beautiful. Who said Vermont has the best folliage? I personally prefer Connecticuts vibrant red and orange leaves.