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The workers took off at a breakneck pace, caution abandoned at the starting position. Six could hear the cries of other workers being trampled, their mistake was being at the front, it's always safest to start from the back. Once everyone was running Six tried to get a good pace for the plan, in order to fulfill Ana's requirements he would have to win the Dawn Run, easier said than done. At first the run held no challenge, it was a simple foot race, aside from the occasional pain of stepping on a rock. Six hadn't looked down at his feet in a long time, he felt that the sight would only sadden him, they must be so scarred.

About five minutes into the run the overseers began chucking random concussive grenades in the road, causing a ringing in Six's ears every three seconds or so, but this didn't matter. Six was actually relatively fast, and the Dawn Run held little challenge to him. He quickly hopped over the body of someone who toppled down before him as they ran, lack of energy was the biggest killer.

Next was the thin line, a passageway just big enough for one person, lined to the teeth with barbed wire. Six saw the path was clear as he came upon it, normally he would stop and tip toe through the danger, but today he had to win. He did his best to shield his face as he charged down the middle, actually missing the wire at first for the most part, but as he exited the thin line he felt the heat dripping down his left forearm and knew he wasn't unscathed. This was usually where Six would sacrifice victory for safety, but Ana would not be denied.

It was some sort of abandoned complex left intact long before the reshinof had built around it. Six perceived it was some sort of transportation hub, more importantly it was a death trap now. Each and every entrance in the hub was booby trapped now, all but one, and the only way to figure it out would be to play the waiting game. Six climbed up to a light fixture of some kind hanging above the complex.

Almost a half hour passed as he hung above, watching workers get knocked out by the traps around the complex. The Overseers found some sort of sick pleasure in these games they played, watching the pain of the workers, who couldn't even be blessed with the comfort of death. No, they would almost all surely survive, they couldn't afford a decline in productivity. Once Six saw a worker run through an exit safely, he dropped down below and followed.

Six was feeling pretty good, although his forearm stung immensely. After the complex it was just a straight shot through the woods, for which Six counted his blessings. As he ran he saw the end line in the distance and the worker that made it to through the Complex first. There was no way Six could catch up to him in time. He cursed the hand he was dealt as the runner reached ever so closer to the end line. Just before he hit the line however, his body propelled to the side and off the main road. Six looked at the man as he ran beside and saw a hole in his temple, the man was killed as he neared the end.

Six slowed himself down as he pondered the meaning to this. He didn't recall Ana mentioning anything like this in the plan, so he didn't think it was her doing. Still, the man was killed before reaching the end, the Overseers were not interested in killing their cash cows. Before Six could come to a conclusion, another shot rang out near his feet and he started sprinting towards the end. Shot after shot neared him as he ran himself ragged towards the line, passing it before another shot could sweep the area.

"I...I did it." Six breathed heavily in and out as the Overseers neared him.

"Congratulations dreck! You've earned yourself a red point." The Overseer touches Six's wrist shackle and a segment making up its circumference lights up red. "Keep that up and you might find yourself in the Grave Games." The Overseer sneered at Six.
"Yes sir." Six said. The Overseer began to walk to his fellow Overseers and saw the worker on the ground in the distance.
"Hey you, get up!" He yelled at the corpse. Six knew this was bad news, but to run now would seal his fate. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" The Overseer yelled as he ran over to the body to make the discoverey. "We got a dead one on our hands!" Six was brought to the ground before the Overseer could even finish his sentence, face first into the dirt. An Overseer touched his shackles together behind Six's back and they linked, making it clear they were taking him in. It seemed as though he wouldn't have to worry about Ana's plan much longer.
Wow, the story is getting great ^.^
Thanks, Walker is kind of an interesting story because I don't plan it out at all. You'll see the difference when I throw one of my completed works on here in the future. With Walker I just fly from the seat of my pants ๐Ÿ˜…