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Recently it's been revealed that Kim soo Hyun and Sohee are in a relationship with one another. it's been reported that they've been together for about a year already. While that's going on, I'm here in my studio class crying like a baby cause hes my acting UB. How do I dea!?
(UPDATE) Key East Ent. has released an official statement exclaiming that the two are just friends and have mutual friends as well. They also stated that they are company mates and are nothing more. I feel much better knowing this. That doesn't mean there isn't a possibility though. Which I feel is ok. Not only that, most actors usually just announce it themselves, so I guess all will be fine fellow KSH fans.~
I really wonder what the truth is!! There havent been any pictures or whatever so I feel like its just a rumor/publicity stunt
I feel that way too but at the same time, it's like how is the original article saying that he went over her house from time to time yet no pictures surfaced? I really want to know though because these rumors lately have been true.