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So I have a crazy theory for this amazing show. I believe it is all one big metaphor for something bigger. But im stuck on what it could be. I just know its something bigger then us. I just need to know who can help? I will figure out a group and line some things up. But I believe this is something real! I know it!! @shannonl5 @poojas @Danse
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Not quite because the series is still going on. but thats why i asked for help
heard something similar to this where this whole series has been written down and being told to children by Brook since he would be the one to outlive them all (age wise)
@SeintoSeiya oooh that's an interesting idea! @AkiraCondry @VinMcCarthy @EllieDean @SeanKros any ideas?
It's already getting into corruption of government . I think eventually it will be a bunch of pirates joining the revolutionary army. And the whole D. In the middle name is driving me crazy, what's up with that?
@elh418 omg RIGHT??? I had a friend whose middle name was just T haha I wonder if it's a red herring