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Everyone has their new favorite song right? Mostly to support our loves and biases. Day6 has been new go to group since their music is speaking to me. The current song to describe my mood is : Day6's 이상하게 계속 이래 How about everyone else's? I'm curious! lol let's share feelings ♡♡♡
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@PriyaBala not basic at all, lol like I said Day6's album is speaking to me right now haha @LexTay327 omg Zion T!!! I like the concept too. @thePinkPrincess I actually haven't heard that one yet!! I'll give it a go
Earls' 너무잘어울려
@ctilki Yea like their album is on replay like all the time. Tbh more people need to know about them cause they're amazing
YESSSS. DAY6's whole album is GOLD. :D
^ hah, day6 is love ♡ @notgucci3 , I haven't listened to tht one yet! I'll check it out#