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Who is this man, and what has he done with the Mets' average second baseman?

Daniel Murphy has turned the Mets season around. Last night, he homered for the fourth - yes, fourth - consecutive game, and now has a Mets' record five postseason home runs.
He's putting this team on his back. And it's coming from absolutely nowhere.
Murphy has spent the last seven seasons playing with the Mets in a variety of roles - mostly, just being an average guy who gets on base a bunch and plays below-average defense at multiple positions.
Suddenly, no one can get him out, and he's the reason the Mets have a 2-0 lead in the NLCS over the Cubs.

He's the reason the Mets are two games from the World Series.

It's been absolutely frigid in New York over the past two games - both games have seen temperatures as low as 40 degrees - and it's made for some interesting baseball to say the least.
Players have been wearing neck warmers and it feels more like football season than baseball season, but don't be fooled: these Mets are not done yet. It's still baseball season in New York.
Matt Harvey started Game 1 and finally put his money where his mouth has been. He's had his ups and downs in big games but he came through in a big, big way in Game 1, giving the Mets an outstanding start and mowing down the Cubs All-Star studded lineup.

For the first time in a little while, Harvey didn't just look like a great pitcher. He looked like the future Cy Young winner that we all want him to be.

Then came Saturday night, with rookie Noah Syndergaard on the mound on a freezing night.
The big rookie was absolutely beastly, pumping fastball after fastball and mixing in nasty breaking pitches all throughout the evening. He's turning into a serious, serious stud right before our eyes, and he's doing it on national TV for the whole country to watch.
It was a lot of fun to watch this guy work last night. He straight out out-battled the Cy Young favorite Jake Arrieta. The Mets jumped on Arrieta in the first inning and after 12 pitches and three batters, the Mets had a three run lead.

That was all Syndergaard needed.

Today's a travel day, as the series shifts to Chicago for games 3, 4, and 5.
The Mets have the Cubs on the ropes, just where they want them.

A two game lead with their ace Jacob deGrom coming up to pitch on Tuesday? Good luck, Chicago.

I'm looking for a big performance from deGrom. There is a tremendous difference between a 2-1 series lead (if the Mets lose Game 3) and a 3-0 lead (if deGrom leads them to a win). The fact that the Cubs have three games at home right now means the Mets absolutely need to keep the foot on the gas pedal.

2-0, and I'm still not comfortable. 3-0, and I might be. For now, though, I'm enjoying this off day more than any other off day I can remember.

With the way they're playing, the Mets are giving me no chance but to smile wide.

Daniel Murphy.....who would have thought he would be the game changer in this post-season!
@jeff4122 I'm a New Yorker. Born and raise. So any NY teams I'm rooting for them. But the Yankees are my first love 馃槈
@karencorchado love the NY pride!
@jeff4122 Nah, my weekend consisted of only football lol looked like a good game.
Yes. I saw part of it. My Yankees was eliminated, so now I'm going for the mets. It's been a very long time since they won. I would like to see them win
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