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Anyone who read Harry Potter knows that J.K. Rowling was all-in in regards to creating this masterpiece.
The series was filled with a boatload of emotional highs and lows, but which one was the most powerful?

For those looking for the answer, J.K. Rowling revealed her favorite chapter in the Harry Potter series!

A fan came at Rowling on Twitter, asking her about her favorite chapter in the entire Harry Potter series. Her answer was clear, with little debate:
@jk_rowling If you had to choose one chapter from the entire HP series as your favourite, what would you choose? #HarryPotter - asked the fan on Twitter.
Chapter 34 Deathly Hallows 'The Forest Again' said Rowling.
For those who may have forgotten this passage in the book, this is the chapter when Harry enters the forest again to face down Voldemort, knowing his fate and knowing what must be done.
Rowling also touched on this during an interview with MSNBC in 2007.
JKR: Definitely the passage that I found hardest to write of all of them in all seven books and the one that made me cry the most is Chapter 34 in this one. But that was– and that was partly because of the content-and partly because it had been planned for so long and been roughed out for so long. And to write the definitive version felt like a– a huge climax.
MV: And can you tell us what was in 34?
ROWLING: It’s when Harry sets off into the forest. Again. So that’s my favorite passage of this book. And it’s the part that when I finished writing, I didn’t cry as I was writing, but when I finished writing, I had enormous explosion of emotion and I cried and cried and cried.

Can you blame Rowling for becoming a bit emotional while writing that passage?

17 years of hard work came to a head during that chapter. Rowling was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice by killing Harry in the book. It was surely unexpected and pushed the series to another level (if possible).
Was that chapter your favorite in the series? If not, which one did you like the best?
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Well personally, my favorite one was the Prisoner of Azkaban.....I really can't choose a favorite chapter though...
@mchlyang that one might be my favorite as well! Gosh the pages when they're walking back and Harry is thinking about spending the summer with Sirius instead of the Dusleys just breaks my heart...
@shannonl5 Shit.....right. Totally forgot about that part. After that incident, every time something good happened to Harry, I was going to be like something terrible is going to happen to him. It was almost like Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.
@mchlyang only not as funny! So true though. Part of me is kind of glad the books ended because at least nothing else awful could happen to him... brb I'm gonna go be upset about this in a corner for a while T_T
true but she should of killed off some fred or hurt George in my opinion