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You wonder the streets of Tokyo and find a teenage boy being attacked by a Ghoul. You end up actually saving his life and took him to the hospital since your parents were killed by Ghouls, Kaneki let you live with him. As time passes, You both fall in love with each other.
He ends up gaining feelings for you
He doesn't want you to see him as a monster
protects you even if it means diying.
Still tries to have a normal life. But, will it be with you???
//EXTRA BAD ENDING!!// Kaneki excepted the Ghoul inside him and comes after you. Because you love him so much, you let him eat you. Kaneki then is encountered by the CCG. You both die.
@Summerelder21 not cool bro..,
lol...well, that was an unexpected end. plot twist: you are Hide. lol
well sheit lol talk about a twist ending lol
nooo i would run cause fuck that
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