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This review actually doesn't have any spoilers in it I only go in to a bit more depth about the first episode.
So I just finished binge watching this anime and I thought I'd do a bit of a review of it on here. I heard about this anime through an add on crunchy roll and was drawn to it because of the catchy heading "Who's the bogus?" Which is just a hilarious heading cuz they use the word bogus so I decided to check it out.
The general animation of it is solid. Although the weird 3-D CGI that some of the fiends have can through me off sometimes but it can also give me a good laugh so I don't mind.
Now let's talk plot. The general plot is that six people are given these marks by some goddess who defeated the Demon lord or whatever they call in the past. This mark is what identifies them as "Braves". Eventually all the Braves gather at a temple and are trapped in a limited area that included the temple and some surrounding forest, they then realize that seven of them have gathered and they have to figure out who the seventh and fake Brave is.
Reactions: In the first episode the main character Adlet crashes an official match being held by the king and takes out the two competitors while proclaiming that he is "the strongest man in the world" and my first impression of him is "what a douche!" Lol. I mean he crashed this super official match for no good reason, and he is suppose to be a very smart character he's not like Goku or Natsu who're idiots and don't know any better. He also fights using a bunch of weird tricks and gimmicks to defeat opponents which is fine except that doesn't make him a good fighter so I didn't once believe his "strongest ever" statement. Plus the announcer just got done saying how it should be a good clean fight! Whatever, first impression of Adlet is I don't like him. Lol Anyways he gets captured by the guards and eventually gets thrown into some cell that's a hole in the ground and a time skip happens (a year I think?) and Adlet receives his mark of the Braves. So the princess who also had a mark breaks him out and they travel together to go meet with the other Braves. I won't go in to detail about everyone cuz that would take too long. Now I have to say in a general sense I really didn't care for any of the characters. I was never thinking I hope so and so isn't the bogus because I didn't particularly like any of them. Also, a lot of the explanation of how the world worked was kind of vague and I kept questioning how certain things worked because of it. Such as how Braves are chosen and what would happen if one died and what happened to previous ones or if there were previous ones in the first place. Anyways, every time the show tried to have some kind of twist I kept thinking that I really don't care because that twist would never really change the situation they were all in. I honestly didn't care who the bogus was and just wanted them to continue their journey to fight the Demon lord or whatever (which is not why I wanted to watch the anime at first, I just found it had a poor execution of mystery) If you decide to watch this I definitely recommend watching it with a friend like I did. You can bounce ideas off each other on who the bogus is and find things to laugh at throughout. We had a great laugh joking about how certain characters wanted to get in others pants. Lol
Anyways I'm going to give this anime a 6/10 which on my anime list translates to "fine". Which is exactly what this anime is. It's just fine. Nothing particularly bad about it and nothing particularly good either. However the final episode was definitely disappointing. I never felt a deep connection to any of the characters however the action was solid and the world created is incredibly interesting. If you're on the fence about watching this I might recommend to just stay away. There's probably better anime out there right now and I know some good ones are coming out right now. (Chivalry of a Failed Knight. I read the manga and am very excited for the animation)
Whoever has watched this tell me what you thought of it and maybe help convince me it was better. Thanks for reading my review!