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Top 10 Strongest Wizards in Fairy Tail
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BTW Guys the Dragon Slayers are the strongest in the Guild. Natsu Gajeel Wendy Laxus Gray Makarov Gildarts Erza Mira Mystogan
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tbh this is the damn order even if i dye typing gildarts laxus mystogan erza makarov natsu gray gajeel juvia Lucy/wendy <- undecided
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Makarov Gildarts Laxus Mystogan Natsu Gray Full Buster Erza MiraJane Gajeel ElfMan Fread Wendy Happy Lucy
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@xXRinOkumuraXx dragon slayer magic aint the strongest you seen Natsu Vs Gildarts Natsu was to scared to fight
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@mpratt I remember but you know that Natsu is Also End. So if only learned that he could defeat him
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