Round 3 is in the books!
First and foremost, I am so sorry I've been sort of absent and not posting this when I previously said I would. I don't really have excuse, just absentmindedness and sadness, but I will try and be better on timing.
28 beautiful human beings participated in this bracket this week and I love each and every one of you.
There was only one pairing that was two votes difference, but the other three were quite separated! So, you all still have your clear cut favorites in mind.
Do you think this week will get harder??
This is the first time I am not super mourning anyone being voted off (still sore about Miryo but what can you do). Although L.E is a pretty big blow to my feels.
If you haven't voted for the boys bracket:


Shin is shocked and excited for who has made it this far!
I know we have done this so many times, but I gotta include those pesky rules in case we have newcomers.
So, this card will be active until Thursday, then I shall close voting and get the FINALs card up sometime on Friday.
Yup, after this week, we will decide on the winner of this Women's Rapper Bracket.
Voting goes like this:
You have two pairing to vote on this week.
Since there is only two pairings left, I will include a song that I think showcases their skills with each woman. For there, you will choose who you think is better out of the two women in each pair, and then vote in the comments your winner within each pairing, numbering them 1-2.
Got the rules?
Here is the link to the first card even though I am including videos in this card, just in case you want something else to look at. Also feel free to look at other videos, songs, what have you. You are all beautiful snowflakes that know what to do!
Also, before I tried to showcase each woman's talent within their group, but the videos I include in this card are centered more on personal projects away from their idol groups, though I still consider them in the k-pop realm.
Lets get voting!
*just to preface, I do not own any of the videos or gifs used in this card, minus my bracket obvi*
1. Yuna Kim (The Ark) VS CL (2NE1)
I have included a pre-debut song done by The Ark members Yuna Kim and Minju. The rapper in the video is Yuna Kim, and she has parts throughout the entire song.
I have also included The Baddest Female by CL, a solo hiphop song released in 2013.
*I encourage you to look up each artist more if you so desire!*
2. Hyuna (4Minute) VS Amber (f(x))
I included Run & Run, a solo song by Hyuna which is only a minute and a half, but features her rapping.
*I know my Hyuna choice is random I just really think it showcases her rapping skills*
I have also included Shake that Brass, Amber's debut solo track.
*I encourage you to look up each artist more if you so desire!*
Okay that is the semi-final round card friends!
My heart goes out the all the ladies who didn't make it through to this week, but we loves you and still think you are all talented cookies!
I'm sorry if I forgot to include you if you voted for the first time last week, but hopefully I got everyone!
Voting is officially closed! The finals bracket will be up tomorrow.
1. CL 2. Amber
Seeing all the other votes I don't think mine is really gonna make a difference but I have to be honest about who I think the better rappers are 1. Yuna 2. HyunA
1. CL 2. Amber 馃槞馃挀
1. CL 2. Amber
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