Round 3 is in the books!
First and foremost, I am so sorry I've been sort of absent and not posting this when I previously said I would. I don't really have excuse, just absentmindedness and sadness, but I will try and be better on timing.
55 people voted this past round! Wow! Thank you guys so much for being so active and engaged. I know I say that every week but like, I love you guys ever more every week.
So voting this week was...tense for me. Three out of the six pairings were like landslides but then the other three were so nail bitingly close I couldn't even stand it. But, no tie breakers were needed!
I'm pretty sad about some of the boys that were voted off, but I mean, it has to be done you has to be done.
If you haven't voted for the girl's bracket:
You guys ready to vote???
So much excitement from Taeyeon, she literally can't handle this bracket.
I know I put rules in every single card, but it needs to be done lovelies!
This card will be active until Thursday, then I shall close voting and get the FINALS card up on Friday.
Yup, after this card we will be on the Finals card. It is crazy stuff.
Voting goes this this:
Because of the odd number of men in this bracket, we have reach the part where the left side is now paired with the right side, accumulating into three separate pairings. I will include a song with each idol as to show of their individual skills. Once you have gone through all the videos and have decided on your winner in each of the three pairings, comment below your 1-3 choices.
Next week we will have a top 3.
Got the rules?
Here is the link to the first card even though I am including videos in this card, just in case you want something else to look at. Also feel free to look at other videos, songs, what have you. You are all beautiful snowflakes that know what to do!
Also, before I tried to showcase each idol's talent within their group, but the videos I include in this card are centered more on personal projects away from their idol groups, and I am sorry if some of them drift over into the more k-hip hop realm with solo stuff but I will try my best to stay k-pop.
Let's get voting!
*just to preface, I own none of the videos/gifs used, minus my bracket*
1. Rap Monster (BTS) VS J-Hope (BTS)
I included a live performance of What Am I To You, an introduction song for BTS and a solo by Rap Monster.
I also included a live fan vid of Cypher part 2, a BTS rap-line track. J-Hope's verses starts a little bit before the 1:00 mark.
*The audio is a bit fuzzy, but I wanted to show how good he is live, since I included a live of Rap Mon.*
*I encourage you to look up the artists more if you want*
2. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) VS Bobby (iKon)
I included the live version of Niliria, a G-Dragon solo track (this version is without Miss Eliot) on Sketchbook.
I also included Bobby's live performance of Bounce on the rap competition show Show Me the Money 3.
*I'm tentative about using a SMTM clip since it verges on just hip-hop to me and not k-pop but I mean, but is an Idol rapper and that is a lot of what he raps about*
*I encourage you to look up more of the artists if you want*
3. TOP (BIGBANG) VS Mark (Got7)
I included TOP's live performance of Doom Dada at the 2013 MAMAS, and his rapping starts around the 0:50 mark of the video.
I also included a live radio recording of We All Try, with Mark and fellow Got7 member JB. Mark's rap is in English, and mainly towards the beginning but a bit towards the end as well.
*I'm sorry this isn't the best video ever, but I wanted something live to fit with the theme. Please explore more of their songs to get Mark's full effect*
*I encourage you to look up more of the artists if you want*
Okay, the semi-finals is underway!
Once again, goodbye beautiful talented boys that didn't make it this far. We still adore you!
I'm sorry if I forgot to tag you if you voted for the first time last week!
1. (DON'T MAKE ME CHOSE BETWEEN BIASES!) (NAMJOON, MY SQUISHY I STILL LOVE YOU!) 2. Bobby 3. (AISH!, I see you're trying to kill me) TOP ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now I have to go cry in a corner for my Markie and my Squishy DDDD:
1. (Kill me now ;-; ) I love you J-Hope 2. G-Dragon 3. Mark
1. Rap Mon (it was going to be BTS vs BTS even if Suga won. BTS rapline strong) 2. GD (hands down) 3. T.O.P. (I want to say its hard because they are both on my bias list but TOP takes the cake in rapping)
1.) Namjoon 2.)Jiyong 3.) Seunghyun
1. Why it's always hard to choose for no. 1 :((( I love Hobi too I'm sorry </3 but RAPMON HAS A LITTLE MORE SPACE IN MY HEART. I hope he wins because it's so hard too choose :(( RAPMON FTW 2. GD OF COURSE 3. TOP
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