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Getting a little obsessed...
Okay, so my friend wanted me to watch FMA for a long time, but I've said eeeeh every time she asked. Well, she finally convinced me to watch it, and woah. I am only on episode 16 of brotherhood, but wow.
It's like, a very good mix of sadness, happiness, humor, the whole shebang. And why didn't I let her drag me into this before!! But yeah, just want to share my newly found love. I will most definitely post reactions further on if anyone wants to hear me rant about stuff because OMG I already a ton I could go crazy about. Like, TO MUCH. Anyways, you can comment or not, but PLEASE no spoilers, I haven't gotten very far yet. Love you all! ❤️
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its a really good anime i still watch it over and over hahaha love the ending haha c:
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Ok certain anime is an annual must watch they include fma brotherhood then fma trigun and the three favorite episodes in avatar the final fight with firelord and aang and where the brother gets his sword can't remember his name at the current time but yea annual must watches
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NOOOO!!!! XD @K1Tt
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@josephComeau I know! Atla is amazing!
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