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Hi Anime Community, Here Are Our Community Rules/Guidelines ^_^

Hello Anime Community, the Moderation team has come up with some rules to make sure all community members can have fun talking about anime in the community! :)
The Vingle Community Guidelines apply to all communities including ours:
1. Freedom of Expression

All community members are encouraged to freely express themselves, however content pertaining to violence, slander, bigotry, porn, spam, and commercials will not be tolerated. So just be mindful of others when you are making cards/comments expressing your opinions.
2. Violence
Do not post content that spreads enmity or shows hostility towards others on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, and disability. And be sure to not post content/comments that negatively affects others' Vingle experience due to its violent nature.
3. Spam
Be sure to post content that is relevant to the community, in our case, the Anime community.
Content published to irrelevant Communities just to increase the content's viewership is considered spam.
4. Commercials
Be sure to not post commercial links. Repeatedly spreading commercial links will be considered spam and not meaningful to the community. If you have any questions about this, message the moderation team.

Now on to Anime Community specific rules:

1. Keep it PG-13

Vingle is a platform for ages 13+, so keep in mind that there are people of all ages using this site! Pornography, elicit drug use, violence, and certain levels of profanity will not be tolerated. You can still post about anime content such as yaoi, yuri etc., but be aware of what images and what language you use. It's fine as long as you can keep if PG-13. This means no mature/sexual images.

2. Cards without titles and/or descriptions can be reported/removed.

Here at the Vingle Anime community, we want to have fun, awesome and meaningful discussions about anime. Even if you are just posting a funny anime meme or a cool cosplay image, be sure to title it and explain it. Simply posting an image is grounds for removal of the card. Plus, having a title and description helps us get to know you better and start a conversation with you.

3. Be mindful when you message members.

I've observed quite a few instances of borderline weird/creepy messages from a few members. Be aware of how you sound when you send messages. If you ask for personal information or send inappropriate messages to others, you can get reported. And if you receive creepy messages or messages that make you uncomfortable, be sure to report it!

4. Be nice and have fun~

The best part about the Vingle community is that everyone is accepted as they come and everyone is happy to get to know each other. Let's enjoy the anime fandom together!
If you have any questions about the rules, the community or Vingle in general, send me a direct message and I'll get back to you asap! And thanks for being awesome!
- @poojas and the moderation team @RosePark @VinMcCarthy
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I just joined the community and I already feel at home.
@CarlosG @MaighdlinS Hopefully, the guidelines will stop/prevent the creeps! As long as we have awesome community members like you guys who watch out for things and for each other ^^
everyone in the community deserves to feel safe and like they're able to express themselves freely without fear of negativity or creepiness or what have you. let's make this the best place for anime!
@MaighdlinS Aww someone was being creepy! How rude!
I like seeing everyone being able to support each other thanks mod team!
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