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This is basically my mom when she met my current crush or the rare female that she likes when we run into my friends in public.
Totally my reaction, every time.
Haha my mom is really open about this stuff too haha Thankfully, or perhaps not (lol), nobody has agreed with her haha I'm really loving this anime! It's pretty funny! I will say that I dislike the main character sometimes... Bro, chill out and stop panicking! Sheesh haha @ButterflyBlu What episode are you on, ma'am? Lol ;p
@ButterflyBlu Those were the other reasons! ;D No, I'm kidding haha that didn't even come into mind, young lady =p <3 And episode four?! I just started too, and I'm on episode 22 lol ;-; It's so sad haha Ugh
@Arellano1052 I JUST started...and then I haven't even had time to finish. I finished the 4th episode the other night before I passed out. I loooove the show so far, though! It's so good. ^.^ At first I thought you tagged me in this card just because I'm a mom to a son. :P And you know..... Old. :P hahahahaha! ;) <3
I've seen it twice, it's an amazing show.