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AOTD: OMG I CANNOT WITH 1004. LIKE DUDE THIS SONG HIT MY FEELS RIGHT IN THE KOKORO. //slappedforbeingweeb Like 1004-- I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN THEY HAD A FULL ALBUM AND THIS MV KILLED IT TOO. Then there is One Shot. A little after this MV came out I started liking B.A.P and got back to their previous stuff.... One Shot and Badman was like perfect I swear. I love B.A.P and how they bring power to their songs. Props to Yongguk. Warrior as their debut is solid. Really powerful and it kind of punches you in the face. Well kind of xD. There are also their albums... I'm not getting into that right now.....
They keep posting all these puzzles so I'm trying to solve those hahahah
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@kpopandkimchi wait there is more than one puzzle?
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