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Our generation is so lucky, superheroes are so in right now. When my dad was a kid, he had to covet his love in secret. I for one fully embraced the caped crusaders, I think one of the things that make superheroes so appealing is their strong character. The most well-known heroes also have the most personality, no surprise there. Yet sometimes writers take them in another direction, as if every one of these stories should start with the hero saying "You know what? Fuck it."
1. Batman Doesn't Kill People, Except When He Does That picture pretty much says it all, but here's some backstory for you. Early in Batman's comicbook days (Batman no.1 no less) there was a scientist going around and turning mental patients into roided out monsters to do his bidding. The plan was simple, take a jacked crazy guy and let him loose on a bank, so the villain's goons could rob it thereafter. Unfortunately for them, Batman has an issue with this, taking out the truck before they can even get there. So the patient comes out, all confused, innocent in all of this mind you; and Batman is there to help him. And by help him, I mean wrap a steel noose around his neck and hang him by his batplane. Batdeath. This isn't even the only time Batman said "Fuck It" to one of the key portions of his character. In fact, did a whole article on the murderous monster. Did Batman even catch the scientist in the end? Don't know, he was too busy murdering mental patients and hanging them around Gotham like December was around the corner or something.
2. The Green Lantern...Most of the Time're going to have to work with me on this one. Hal Jordan is not the only Green Lantern (I know, mind blown), he's not even Earth's only Green Lantern. But he is THE Green Lantern. That is his superhero name. Not the rainbow lantern, green, JUST green. But then he goes and tries on some other colors for size, seriously I think he might have had every colored ring at some point, except violet (YET). The comics will follow him when he's going crazy with the Sinestro corps, or saving the day during the Blackest Night, but he's still the Green Lantern on the cover. It's not a huge flaw, it just bugs me is all. False advertising DC, False advertising.
3. Superman, Destroyer of Worlds
Hey remember that time Superman went completely evil and just started wrecking shit? Me too. Of course it wasn't our Superman, then again technically it sort of was, it was...DC comics are complicated. Anyway, Crisis on Infinite Earths was a complicated route DC took to find a means to reintroduce a lot of their characters to the public. Comics weren't in anymore and DC wouldn't have it. So they said "Know what would be cool? A super complicated plotline involving multiple Superman's (Supermen?) from multiple Earths. Yeah, we know what's popular!" But we're only here to talk about Superboy Prime today, who discovered he had superpowers and decided to not only help his Earth, but all of them with the rest of the Super Dudes and destroy the Anti-Monitor. Which they do, and then all the extra Earths and Supermen (including our aforementioned Prime) go off to this alternate dimension to chill in paradise. But Superboy Prime watched the dimensions change into something he didn't like. Once his super balls dropped, he re-emerged as Superman Prime and killed well...basically everyone. So much for Earth's protector.
4. Professor Hulk: Lamest Hero Ever The year is 1991, neon clothes and radio classics are at an all time high, the nineties are just getting started. Marvel sees this as a chance to reinvent the Hulk. Quick explanation for those who don't know or haven't seen the one terrible movie and one alright one: The Incredible Hulk is about Bruce Banner, a guy with a gamma problem and anger radiation or something like that. He gets mad, he becomes the Green Giant, he smashes shit. Simplest character personality ever (maybe that's why the movies are always a wash), no way Marvel could fuck that up right? Well Marvel, forever seeking to prove you wrong, introduce the world to Professor Hulk. Bruce Banner does some hypnotherapy and cures himself of his anger issues, which lets him control the monster within or something. Real quick, if it was that easy to get over the gamma radiation, why the hell did it take him so long to think "Gee, I should probably get this anger in check," I mean the dude is a scientist right? I digress, so now we have Professor Hulk for the next 8 years in comics, dealing with touchy subjects like AID's, and using brain over brawn to combat the harsh world around him. Hulk: Hulk Smash. Professor Hulk: Science is Cool. Do you see the issue here? Don't do it again Marvel.
@ScriptedSoldier agreed re: the hulk. It's one thing if you're retconning- I feel like then you're basically saying you're intentionally ignoring the canon and people know to expect something different. But expecting people to both know and ignore the canon seems a bit rude haha ps I love me some Nightwing!
Nah it's alright, just really out of character. You can't just define a character by key features, then take those features away, and expect the same results.
The comic is supremely lame lol
馃槀馃槀馃槀 wow can't believe this but I haven't heard of professor hulk based on the title is the comic really lame
This is really well written. Funny seeing Batman not caring at all, lol.
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