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This is for the 13 day of anime halloween that @hikaymm is putting together.
I'm gonna recommend an anime that's not a very traditional horror title for people who are a little newer to the horror anime scene such as myself. That's why my choice is Akame Ga Kill. I'm choosing this as anime to start with because it has the blood and gore that a horror anime should, but doesn't have a heavy psychological horror element that other animes do so I think it's perfect to start.
The story is about a boy named Tatsumi who is going against the corrupt government that inhabits his world. Great action and lovable characters makes this the perfect gateway anime to horror. I highly recommend this as it's in my top 5 favorite anime of all time.
Tell me what your recommendation is and be sure to join in on these 13 Days of Anime Halloween!
@Thatperson512 that was the goal XD
This is gonna be fun!
nice!!! good suggestion ^^ thanks for joining in~~~
omg this anime was very scary and dark but im glad i watched it i usually avoid creepy or scary animr
Deadman Wonderland