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feeling [n.] - an emotional state or reaction

While browsing YouTube late last night, I was scrolling through my list of subscriptions seeing if anyone had posted a recent video. Low and behold, my favorite YouTuber, Claire Marshall happened to post a video about her favorite feelings. Claire is known for her infamous vlogs, fantastic beauty hauls and of course her "Monday Minute" videos. Although this video wasn't expected, I clicked on it anyway and as usual, I wasn't disappointed.
Watching this short video filled with so much emotion and feeling, I decided that this would make for an amazing card. Sharing your feelings is a great way to open up and allow others the chance to do the same. So here's to Claire's amazing video that inspired me to go ahead and create a card including some of my favorite feelings. I hope that my card will go on to inspire you to do the same and possibly even resonate with a few of the amazing feelings listed below.

1. Receiving a good morning text.

Whether it be from a long lost friend or your distant lover, just the idea that someone woke up with you on their mind is such an amazing feeling.

2. Being productive.

It's easier said than done, but once you push yourself enough to accomplish something -- the rest is simple. Productivity is one of the best feelings, especially being productive late at night when everyone else is asleep.

3. Getting your shipping confirmation on a package.

We all have shopping problems, but it's not secret that receiving that confirmation ensuring you that your package will be arriving shortly instantly turns any day around.

4. No line at Chipotle.

Chipotle lines can easily be a hit or a miss, but those days when it's just two people in front of you -- those are the best and totally worth the burrito.

5. Taking off your bra at night.

Self-explanatory. Ladies, you understand the feeling. Fellas, you'll never know the awesomeness.

6. Washing off your makeup before you go to bed.

Although we all love a beat face, there is no greater feeling than a clean and fresh face.

7. Having someone tell you that they're proud of you.

Especially when it happens to be that one person who never expresses their feelings. It's an amazing feeling I tell you.

8. Being able to fit into those jeans you haven't fit since high school.

It's okay to eat a couple donuts, but just remember exercising and portion control pays off. Do you know how long it took to fit into those pants? Talk about success.

9. Following your dreams.

Despite the naysayers and those who told you it wasn't possible, you decided to accomplish your goals regardless. Ambition is your middle name and if you want it, you never let anyone hold you back.

10. Cold sheets and cold pillows.

There is nothing quite like it. Nothing.

11. Looking good and feeling better.

When you look good, you feel better. Your happiness is entirely up to you.
I couldn't went on and on til' the break of dawn about feelings I love, but i doubt anyone would enjoyed reading all 100+ feelings.
So with that being said, I would love to hear what some of you lady and gents favorite feelings happen to be.
@jordanhamilton The last gyf is Ted Mosby I believe @nicolejb Such a good show, Lilipad and Marshmallow was the best thing
oOooooOoo.. I can't wait to do this. No line at Chipotle is a good one lol.
Dig THAT! I enjoy feelings also, although I'm a Alpha Male who does not live in "feeling land", I too enjoy receiving a morning text that someone other than bill collectors is thinking of me, I too enjoy the the feeling of Victory knowing my enemies have been obliterated by my cunning and diligence, I too love the feeling of removing a new Bra at night (Not my own of course) those damm "chastity" hooks can be difficult to operate, but the reward is PRICELESS!...Did I already mention I like "Boobies"..:)...Life is full of emotions and feelings, I'm grateful that I STILL apprecite the small things...."chastity panties" are also a thing of beauty once removed. :) LMAO.
a nice hot shower, good night sleep, eating your favorite food
Gosh, you nailed them all for me.
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