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HEY!!!!! hello to all the new k-poppers ( and everyone in general) so I wanted to make this card to first welcome the newbies (although I still consider myself a newbie) and to suggest some songs to everyone that is interested in big bang! First of all big bang is basically the first k-pop group I've heard (even if I didn't realized it before) and I'm totally in love with it and every time I fall deeper for them... My bias is Taeyang, he's just beautiful, extremely talented and he's a total sweetheart and well my bias wrecker is Daesung (D-Lite) I can't with these two they're just the best! mind you I love ALL of the members.
Okay! Let me stop talking and show I few song that I've fallen deeply for lately and even though they're pretty old considering that they're album MADE just came out, those songs are still beautiful and for me it hits right on the FEELSSS!!!
So Here's the list! I hope you guys like it...
Big Bang - Koe Wo Kikasete
Big Bang - Always
Daesung (D-Lite) - Shut up
Daesung - I LOVE YOU (Japanese ver.)
Taeyang - Wedding dress
Taeyang - Only Look at Me
Well here it is... There's many more songs that I would love to share but I don't want to overwhelm anyone with so many videos....
Hope you like this card and enjoy this songs!!!
love bigbang <3
My first K-pop song was Wedding Dress by Taeyang!!
@VIPforever123 awesome! Wen I heard big bang I didn't know it was then until way after but I loved their songs even if I didn't know who they where.... And then se7en also got me into kpop but I actually knew his name hehe
Big Bang is the group that got me into kpop too!! Taeyang is also my bias too!!! :))
@thePinkPrincess yaasss taeyang is baeee ❤️❤️ haha and anytime I mean it's for everyone to enjoy but I said newbies bc they may not know they're old songs that are still awesome
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