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Halloween comes every year and EVERY SINGLE YEAR unless you are a die hard halloween fan, you have to rush to put together a creative but cheap and easy costume that isn't completely basic.
Right now Halloween is 2 weeks away and I have no costume at all! So, to help out all my fellow slackers here are some stress free costume ideas that can be pulled together but still be a total hit at the bar or party that you will be attending.

And no, they are not cats or bunnies on this list.

1. 80's workout girl

Super bright leggings, leg warmers, a funky leotard or one piece bathing suit, and a cut up sweat shirt that you can get for $5 bucks at k-mart!
Throw on some of that bright eye shadow you never touch and a crimped side pony with a sweat band and you'll be super cute, super warm, and super creative.

2. A lumber jack

Anyone North of the Mississippi knows that Halloween is usually cold, so a costume that can be hot yet still keep you warm is the lumberjack! Put on some nice jeans, tuck in a cute flannel (unbutton a few if you're feeling frisky) and some cute boots. More props to ya if you add some suspenders and a fake axe.
This can also become a cow girl costume for the next days party.

3. Minions

Yellow leggings, some high wasted shorts and a yellow shirt with black puffy paint and you got yourself a costume! I actually made this costume for my friends before and it was a huge hit!

4. A lady bug ... or any bug

Kind of like the minion costume all you need is some red tights, black shorts or tutu, and a red top. Paint on some cute spots on your back and grab an antenna head band. You'll be cute and creative, because we all know home made costumes are so much better.

5. A nerd

Similar to the lumber jack pick up (or borrow your dads) SHORT SLEVE button down, some funky patterned high wasted shorts or pants, suspenders and glasses. The less the outfit matches the better. For an extra touch have some pens in your pocket and crazy pigtails.
Any shapeshifter-- you can just go as yourself.
@lizarnone. I was a Minion last year. :)))
I fortunately am a cosplayer so I have atleast 12 costumes or more to figure somwthing out but I use to have to do this every year before I started hardcover cosplaying and honestly sometimes when you cosplay you have to throw together something last minute too haha. this is a great card I might just do something normal this year who knows haha. I'll keep this list in mind. I prob won't know what to wear till the day before haha.