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After an accident at a BTS concert that suffered in a serious concussion that resulted in losing the feeling in her legs a girl has the lucky opportunity to be nursed back to health by her ultimate bias Jin and the rest of BTS.
"Owww..." I opened my eyes and squinted at the brightness of the room. "What happened? Where am I?" I said to myself. All I remembered was going to my first BTS concert. My friends and I were so excited about seeing our biases. And we were not disappointed at all. It was awesome and I got to see Jin!! Then I remembered leaving the concert and seeing Jin and the rest of BTS getting ready to leave. I saw Jin and immediately yelled his name. He turned and glanced at me. That was the last thing I saw before I was knocked out by some crazed fans. Upon remembering that moment I reached to touch my head to find a bandage. It stinged like hell!!! "This is just great." I said talking to no one. At that moment I heard my room door open and a figure carrying something. All my breath left my body when I saw its face.
I couldn't believe my eyes...right there in my very room was Jin.. He gave me a smirk and I suddenly felt really dizzy. Everything was getting darker. It took me about 3 seconds to realize that I was fainting from shock.
"Uggghh...not again." I opened my eyes to my blinding white room. I grabbed my head and felt the familiar sting. "Well that hasn't changed." I looked to my right only to see the most beautiful person in the world. I couldn't help myself...I screamed in excitement. My inner fangirl had won this battle..unfortunately.
Surprisingly he awoke peacefully and gracefully(like a princess he is!!) and smiled at me. "Hey sleepyhead. How's ur head?" My words wouldn't not come out it was like my brain had shut down. "I...uhhh...well..". I couldn't get anything out...just say something!! He seemed to notice my struggle and placed his finger on my lips to quiet them. "Shhhhh..." he said while putting the same finger on his lip. "You're probably in pain right now.. You shouldn't strain yourself too much." At that moment he got up and started to the door, "Sleep well okay? In the morning I'll have a treat for you." He gave a wink as he left my now empty room. I closed my eyes as a sudden wave of exhaustion washed over me.
I awoke to the familiar face again. *A girl could get used to this!!* "'re finally awake. Did u sleep well?" I started to answer him but was stopped by something weird. Jin looked at me peculiarly, "What's wrong?" I looked down at my legs and finally noticed that during this whole time I haven't even tried to move my legs. There was no response. I try to get some movement but nothing would work. Tears started to well up my eyes as the truth started to set in. I was biting my lip in frustration as I tried to make any movement. My head was pounding and I could feel myself losing consciousness. " no." I pleaded to no one. Then I remembered Jin. I looked over at him. He had a worried look on his face and I felt even worse. Then he leans over to me and says to me in a whisper....
"You're very pretty. Now let's get something to eat huh? I'm starving!!" He smiled and wiped my tears. They never stopped coming...


@Starbell808 @saraortiz2002 @toughcookie You can find the other chapters in my Fanfic Collection :)
I need more!!! 馃槏
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