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Trying to lose weight is always a roller coster of emotion. One week you feel so awesome and the next you question why you are even bothering because the stupid scale showed no progress.
Lets all keep this in mind, the scale is the worst thing to use for a positive and successful weight loss journey.
Instead, use these 3 helpful and motivational trackers to keep you working out on even the laziest days.

1. Take pictures of yourself!

You don't have to look at them if you feel uncomfortable but tuck them away and forget about them. Then after a month of working out take more pics and compare. Seeing the amazing difference will make you more then motivated to see what the next month has in store!

2. Measure yourself each week!

What the scale won't show you, the tape measure will! Measure your waist, hips, thighs, and bust every week (at the same time and day) and you'll see awesome results. In the past 3 weeks I only lost 1 pound but I lost 3 inches on my hips, 1 on on my thighs and 2 on my waist. Cant be mad at those results!

3. Do it with a friend!

Get a friend you trust to go on a weight loss journey with you! They will help motivate you, give you healthy meal ideas,and will be there to support and cheer you up along this roller coaster ride.
Just make sure you choose the right friend; one that will be happy for you and a positive influence not one that will make you feel bad or try and sabotage you.
@InPlainSight ahhhhh thanks so much!! Your promising of cake are making me very tempted thoooo haha
@Lizarnone Your cards are always so motivating.
awww amazing♡
@lizarnone. Keep at it. You are doing great