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Nabi sat at the table in the convenient store looking out the window at the darkening sky. Somewhere in the day it had started to rain so the time at the arcade got cut short. Just then two boys sat on either side of here one putting a bowl of ramen in front of her. “It’s not ready yet so wait.” Yoongi felt bad about being late so he had bought them something to eat. Jungkook was sitting tensely on the other side of her. He could have sat next to Yoongi but with what he said to her earlier she didn’t blame him for choosing the furthest place from him. She wished she could sit further away herself. Her insides felt torn from the decision she was going to have to make. She could keep quiet and help little Kookie or sabotage anything he tries to do and make herself Yoongi's focus. If he ever found out she did something like that she would loose him not just as a lover but as a friend too. All Nabi could do was stare at the bowl in front of her and hope neither of them would talk just yet. Hands moved into her line of sight and opened the lid before handing her the chopsticks. “It’s just cooked so hurry and eat. I can’t stand that pitiful look on your face.” Yoongi seemed a bit frustrated. Perhaps it was the overbearing silence from her and Kookie. She just grabbed the chopsticks and started eating happy she had an excuse not to talk. She could hear Kookie opening his too also wanting to have any reason not to talk. “What’s wrong with you two? Was I not supposed to see you two like that? I can just forget I ever saw it. I guess since I was late you thought you could just act like a normal couple for a while.” Yoongi started eating after his little rant and she looked over to meet Kookie’s eyes not knowing what to say. “We told you it’s not like that. Like noona would really want to be with someone as young as me. I still live with my parents so things can be hard. Noona was just comforting me like a good older sister.” Jungkook wasn’t going to let him think they were together, it could ruin things for him. “I don’t know any younger brother who puts his hands on his noona's lower back as of she was his girl.” Why did Yoongi sound so upset about something so simple. “Yoongi I promise it was just because he was upset. He is younger than me but he’s also taller with long arms. Just drop it please. No matter the reason just pretend you didn’t see it.” Nabi couldn’t take it, why was he trying to start a fight with Jungkook? “I’ll forget it this one time but you can’t tell me to be blind forever.” Yoongi just shoveled the noodles into his mouth. Nabi just lowered her head and started to eat again as did Kookie. It’s was an even thicker silence than before. One that weighed like the world hanging between them. Things were not starting good.
it goes one then two then all the dates they took her on and Suga then Jimin then Jungkook and 3 all go together
Oooh so intense!
wait.. I'm lost, what exactly happened?