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Utilizing my resources, using my brainwaves to create the things I wish to see; The beauty that could be. Orange aura within me on this journey of mystery. Never knowing what will be on the other end of my lense, must be viewed objectively. Creativity is not a possession, but rather a being possessed. Synchronicity at its best/The universe being undressed. Your mind unraveling, aware of the stress. Positive and negative, nothing at all but a test. You have yet to see it, but you're vibrating at your best.
I'm exposing myself here, going for the best. I've been trying my hand at poetry for the past year and finally getting around to reading my own writings. There's the good, the bad and there's the psilocybin induced chicken scratch Like most I can be sensitive about my means of expression, especially my writing. So putting myself out into the world like this is a big step, huge really. I'm just starting though and find myself in need of criticism and a bit of encouragement. I can't keep it all to myself cause I find that I can be overly critical and can't help but to compare my work to others. Others who I think are so much better, I'm trying though I hope some one out there enjoys this short read.