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I was tagged so definitely wanted to participate♡ First is probably one of my fave songs by the amazing Jin♥ she is beyond talented and her voice is amazing! ! this song is soo beautiful (the video is absolutely horrible you will ball like a baby if you watch it seriously I hate it but love it all at the same time)
Next is Nana (orange caramel) this song is always stuck in my head I love it and Nana is one ofy favorite female artists because shes the biggest sweetheart ever
Last is the Queen Herself and 2ne1♡ I seriously cant get this song out of my head CL slays life to the max!! Shes easily my ultimate kpop girl bias because she's perfection at its finest. And Bom and Dara are beyond perfection! ! Bom is the sweetest most adorable human bean ever♡♥
Totally forgot to add another amazing female! Hyolyn♥♡not only is she perfect her voice is perfect and she compliments my loves Zico & paolo alto perfectly♡
Love your song choices. Hyolyn is definitely one of the few powerful vocalist in kpop groups!
NANA IS MY GIRL! Great choices :D
@thePinkPrincess yes I agree! im not really into many girl groups either but 2ne1 are perfect♡
me too!! @KellyOConnor shes the main reason I loved roomate she is soo sweet
Orange Caramel is definitely one of my favorite female bands but 2ne1 always takes the cake!! They're just too perfect sometimes
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