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I've been trying to picture this ship for a while now and I was looking for opinions if it would work or not?
If you can picture this in your head I would love to read a story on it so please if you have one let me know.
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I feel like Makka can only be with Soul because in Soul Eater it seems that each person is put with the one person who will always understand them. I mean even Black Star and Suabaki have that connection. So I have to say no I don't think it would work.
@Msfancysunshine I can agree with you there, kind of. I believe that in soul eater they are put with someone who understands them, but I don't believe that it has to be a romantic way. I believe maka can be romantically involved with others. In fact I think a meister and their weapon shouldn't be romantically involved, because it would complicate things
@VinMcCarthy I also agree with you, I'm conflicted xD
sorry, I ship Maka and soul
nope. I do not see it. Ed x Winry forever!