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In K-Dramas there are a ton of stars, but what about the smaller, less appreciated actors and actresses that make the dramas amazing?

Make a card nominating your favorite under-rated actor or actress and let's celebrate them!

Personally I don't think Kim Hyun Joo gets enough credit!

You probably know her as Gu Jun Pyo's sister, but she's so much more than that!

It would be SUPER AWESOME if you make your own card nominating your favorite under-appreciated K-drama star and if you tagged me in it!
Thank you @montha91 and @destiny1419 for making Creepy K-Drama cards for me :D You rule!
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what's the definition of underrated??? Can it be enough that they don't have a community??
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@Kamiamon just some one you think deserves more love from kdrama fans around the world!
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she's like the most talented actress I know
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