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Im 14 and im in the 9th grade i turn 15 on dec 4鈾愶笍 and i love anime and i dance and run track and draw and sing and play violin and piano and i looove me a Korean or asian or japanese boy馃槏 im learning japanese and korean but korean is super harder and i love 7teen and boyfriend馃槏
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Ohh ok thx
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But I don't really like to mess with stuff like that
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no problem... the more active you are on that app (posting pictures, and commenting on others posts) the more of a response you'll get... just a warning though, just like a lot of social apps there are people on there with dirty intentions but not most of them...just insist on respect (young Korean guys think most foreign women are easy). If you insist on respect and tell them you aren't like that, most will apologize and fly straight and like you all the more for it. Women with morality are extremely attractive to them
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its a lot like a shared Facebook page with translation services and chat and penpalls
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Ohh ok cool
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