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The Colts can't seem to get out of their own way against the Patriots.
Indianapolis had New England on the ropes last night in a Sunday Night Football battle against the NFL champs. The Colts got stopped on a drive and were set to punt and pin the Patriots deep in their own territory.
Rather than keep it simple, the Colts decided to get clever, and it cost them big time.

The Colts let loose one of the worst special team plays I have ever seen.

After lining up in punt formation, the Colts rolled nine players -- including their entire offensive line -- to the far right side of the field, leaving wideout Griff Whalen to kneel over the ball like a center, with safety Colt Anderson stationed behind him for the snap.
The Pats didn't lose their cool though, and kept four people lined up over the ball against the Colts two players. Rather than letting the clock run out, Whalen panics and snaps the ball. Anderson is tackled immediately and the Colts turn the ball over.

How does this happen?

I understand this was a high pressure moment, but you have to have the sense of mind to know you aren't going to out run four players in that situation.
Plays like that cause a coach to get fired and a player to get cut.
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He was not suppose to snap the ball,it was poor communication. I think the Colts were trying to draw the defence off side,and if that didn't work they would take the 5 yard penalty to give the punter more room to work with.
@Starbell808 @ValerieAlissaPa @gatorchick96 I love all of your reactions! Priceless!
@TravisBeck It sure was poor communication. But it's game time. It was def a stupid mistake that they did not have to make....
It was a stupid call but when heading back to the bench you could read the Coaches lips,he said why did you snap the ball. But again,it was a stupid call.