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Day 14: To Namjoon..

Well, what can I say.. Namjoon is one of my biggest inspirations. He is a great rapper, great songwriter, and great person His raps are beyond expressive and touches the hearts ❤ of millions even if they are sometimes too deep to truly understand ❓❔❓ After I've heard the songs and seen the lyrics that Namjoon's written, I can really say that he is a real musician! There are a lot of good, meaningful songs out there, but Rap Monster's songs definitely stand out to me as some of the best ones Of course, having good talents, good looks, and good composing skills are not enough to make an idol a great person. Namjoon has a really nice personality that could make a person admire him any day. His leadership is shown through the way he treats and deals with the rest of BTS. He is really mature and responsible, even if he says that he basically became the leader because he has more experience. Namjoon is also very humble compared to the amount of natural talent he has in opening peoples' eyes to a new way of viewing the world. Thanks, Namjoon for being who you are. Because I know that nothing lasts forever, and that I only live once.. I will live my life--not any others' lives ✌ I'll take chances and never regret ☀ I won't be late to do what I wanna do.. because at one point of someday, everything I did will be exactly what I will be This is what you've taught me.. I will use it well and maybe someday I'll be able to inspire others the way you've inspired me. 사랑해요! ❤❤❤ P.S The last picture is Life! :)
I love this! I feel like you'd like this card too -->
My bias. My favorite candy bar. Such skill. Could Rap Monster be any more perfect?
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