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We know that K-drama stars are insanely talented, but did you know how extra-awesome these guys are?!

Check out these actors and their amazing voices!

Kim Soohyun

Obviously we were wowed by his singing voice in Dream High, but what about his other dramas?! Check out this scene from The Producers (start at the 3 minute mark)

Seo In Guk

One of my all-time favorite K-drama stars and one of my FAAAAVORITE ballad singers. Sometimes he does cute tracks like this and I seriously get woozy.

Jang Nara

Did you know Jung Nara was originally a Kpop trainee for SM Entertainment!? Here is one of her few songs before becoming a huge star in China and then becoming an even bigger K-drama star!

Lee Seung Gi

Yep, he's amazing. Lee Seung Gi has just released his SIXTH album! He actually debuted as a vocalist at age 17, before debuting as an actor :D You'll definitely recognize this song!

Park Shin Hye

Isn't she the cutest!? As we found out from You're Beautiful, she has the sweetest voice ever and as a result her songs can do nothing but make you smile from ear to ear. She's so great!

Jang Geun Suk

I could write about a billion cards for Jang Geun Suk - I love him so much! This is one of my favorite songs he sang in Mary Stayed Out All Night, but he's got a whole bunch of amazing tracks you need to check out! Try searching for "Team H" to find his Japanese band :D

Ku Hye Sun

Remember Jandi from Boys Over Flowers?! Did you know that she's also a singer and director?! Listen to her sweet bossanova track "Brown Hair!"

Kim Jae Wook

Known for Coffee Prince and Mary Stayed Out All Night, Jae Wook is one of my favorite second male leads. He's in a legit rock band called Walrus and he's basically the rock star boy my teenage soul dreamed of.
@kpopandkimchi thanks for tagging me! Song Joongki has an awesome voice too and he can rap.
Kang Ha Neul has an amazing voice to XD <3
Seo in Guk's voice is to die for
You already got at Kim Soohyun.
Yasss Seo In Guk, Lee SeungGi, Jung Nara, Park Shinhye HAVE GREAT VOICES
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