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Star Wars: Battlefront's Holiday Ad is Surprisingly Emotional

If you don't already know by now, I love Star Wars. And with the final trailer being released recently, I've sort of just been googling the words "Star" and "Wars" over and over again on my phone until something fun shows up. Which, I thought, was the video game Star Wars: Battlefront. But instead, I watched a 100% surprisingly emotional ad that had no gameplay footage at all.
I couldn't help but feel for the guy in the advert. Watching him daydream at his desk, the same way I daydream at my desk. Thinking about his younger years, the friends he's had, the experiences they shared, and their common interests. And it seems for this particular guy, it's been Star Wars.
And isn't that true for a lot of us that are into Star Wars? I can still remember feeling like the smallest, weakest, and nerdiest kid in my school but as soon as I found a group of friends that liked watching Empire Strikes Back as much as I did, I felt great. I felt like I finally found a place for myself.
I remember we'd walk around the playground at recess pretending we were AT-ATs, we'd try to make all the sound effects in the movies with our mouths, and -- the best thing -- we'd sit in the sandbox and share our favorite moments from the Original Trilogy.
And as we got older, we only got more creative. We'd roleplay different Jedi, ones we made up in our heads, we'd walk around with our plastic lightsabers and pretend to reflect lasers back into blasters.
When that got too embarrassing to do in public, we played every Star Wars video game, we read every Extended Universe book, and we -- again -- shared our favorite moments from all of these pieces of media.
There was something (and there still is something) about Star Wars that I can't really explain. Maybe it's the fact that it was a franchise I got into at a young age so I have some kind of history with it. Maybe it's because I made a lot of friends over it. I don't know.
I like to think it's the world, the Star Wars Universe itself. I felt like it was the only thing that was getting me through being bullied at school, or being called dumb by teachers, or feeling completely crushed by the real world around me. It was nice to know I could go home at the end of the day and lose myself in something that felt so much bigger than me, so much more inviting, and something just so, well, awesome.
This advert reminded me of all those things and honestly, all I want to do is pick up that game over the Holidays and play it with some of my best friends and feel that old feeling again.
Hahah I really enjoy the ad. I'm not very emotional in public and as a leader, I try to separate my emotions from my policy
how much have you read from our collections before making that statement?
@inplainsight @nicolejb @tessstevens @quietone you see the emotional depth this man clearly displays? I have yet to see y'all stand out as being even half as empathetic as this ghost.
@quietone maybe we could just share nachos or something. or i'll just go "haunt" some chips out of someone's house and we'll watch Star Wars. all this ghosting gives me a giant appetite
no one says that @VinMcCarthy
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