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   Block B say they will take legal action against malicious commenters Block B has had enough of the hate, and they finally put their foot down to declare that they will wage legal war against the people who leave libelous, malicious comments. The following is the official statement released by Seven Seasons, Block B's agency:

"Hello, this is Seven Seasons. We sincerely thank everyone who show love and support for our artist Block B.  However, there have been many instances recently of libelous writing about Block B which tarnish their reputation that are continuously published.  We are giving a notice of request [to stop the libel] and a warning, and we are considering taking legal action if there are further cases of libel.  If fans happen to find writing that tarnish Block B's reputation, we would be grateful if you didn't just overlook it and submitted them to us so that they will help in our litigations.  We will guide you on where to submit the documents at a later time. Thank you." 

What the F***?!?! Hate comments??
Are you really F***ing kidding me? People still actually do that? I thought that they only do that in movies or something.... Or probably I haven't been paying attention to the negativity...
Yeah it's probably the second one.... I'm so dense lol
Ugh anyway, who could hate on them?? look at them..... ,❤❤❤❤❤ heehee
Love the fourth picture. Seriously, I have no room to hate.
Peasant Haters.....I still like that word...Peasants >:3
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I love block b. Some people are stupid for hating on them
So 1, you had me almost crying by trying not to laugh out loud (I'm at my son's speech appointment and is deathly quiet in the waiting room lol) at the peasant hater thing. And 2, I honestly don't understand why people would dedicate any of their time to hating on people, especially people they don't even know. It's ridonkulous (yes, this is a word I say often). I hope the fact that they are willing to take legal (my phone tried to correct that to lethal..) action will stop most of it, and I hope they sue the shit out of those that continue to do so.
i love those gifs 😂😂😍😍😍 Block B fighting 💙💙💙
I swear people can be so rude
@shelbyhusband I'm with @BluBear07 on this. And what you have to realize is they aren't going to go after the everyday run of the mill anti-fans that just say they don't like Block B. No they're going to go after the anti-fans that make it their mission to maliciously and knowingly try to ruin Block B and their Company's reputation so that they can't continue with their activities, lose sponsors, that kind of thing. And yes it is very realistic to go after them and make them face the consequences of their actions. Just because you don't like something doesn't give you the right to try to ruin someone's life and livelihood. And I think that's what a lot of these mostly younger fans don't understand. We are all responsible for our actions and need to be held accountable. We aren't as invisible as we'd like to think behind our computer screens. Laws are different in Korea too so we don't really know what these people could ultimately be charged with be it fines, jail time, or community service.
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