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I’m back again with some more key information in the Vingle elections. Lot has already progressed in the span of a day, and I’m excited to share even more about the teams we have in place.

@InPlainSight’s Team

Today, a special announcement came that @Danse would be joining this team as the token “Official Baker” of the campaign. And as @InPlainSight has promised cake in his campaign, this was a very critical and important move on his part.
Also Announced!
@ButterflyBlu will be a part of this campaign as the Campaign Manager. This is also a good
Also, @Shannonl5 has agreed to run as the Vice President for this campaign. When asked why @InPlainSight commented: “she was a natural choice for me. She's passionate, principalled, uncorruptable, and as sharp and smart a person as any other Vingler, in short, everything I'm not. We're a ying and yang. The perfect balance.”
Let’s see how this team balances out!

@quietone’s Team

It’s been confirmed that @quietone is STILL RUNNING despite almost joining @TessSteven’s campaign. Props to him for sticking to his guns.
In the original announcement of the campaign @allischaaff accepted the role of "Empress Doom Mermaid.” But he has not heard from his campaign mate since.
"I haven't heard anything from empress doom yet so I'm not confident but no matter what I will continue to run.”
I’m impressed by @quietone’s confident in face of all of this.

@TessSteven’s Team

This team is still going strong.
@NerukaWong has accepted the role of Secretary of Awesome and seems to be doing awesome so far. "truth be told, the only election I took part in was for the student council in my school... just kept track of her record, like scandals and stuff during the semester.” It seems this is an excellent choice for Tess to chose someone with such experience!
The Whip has also been selected as @kikid123 for her persistent support.

Another point!

Tess’s father also relayed a bit of his political opinions on Vingle.
"politicians care about only three things: Getting elected; getting re-elected; and making money.” Perhaps this is also her own perspective about the elections. But you can’t criticize her for wanting to win.

Campaign Rumors

There are still rumors that the great @paulisaghost will run in all of his ghostly goodness. No comment from the ghost himself on it yet.
However, according to the comment on the Vingle announcement card it seems like @GalaxyTacoCat might be joining the race soon. Let’s see what happens next...

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YEAH TEAM! We're bringing the cake like there's no tomorrow
I am still supporting @InPlainSight on this one. I shall be expecting some soccer highlights from him soon! :)
thanks @TessStevens I'm gonna need it lol
Ah @quietone you're still running! Best of luck
@TessStevens I am true to Vingle, my Vingle heart is pure
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