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Michael Jordan - "Welcome to the NBA"

Eight more days till opening day!

I hope everyone's excited for basketball season! I sure am. Well, as we all get psyched for the upcoming season, here is a short story about basketball's greatest, Michael Jordan.

Michael is known for his trash-talking. But so was Dikembe Mutombo.

In November 23rd, 1991, Denver rookie, Mutombo got to face Michael. The game was coming to an end and Michael was fouled. As Michael was getting ready to take his free throw, Mutombo approached him and said he takes his free throws with his eyes closed.
Michael smiled and said,

"Hey, Mutombo. This one鈥檚 for you."

And he went on and did this...
Jordan added,

"Welcome to the NBA."

Yes Michael. You are an absolute legend.

Here is a full video. Enjoy and let's get pumped up for the season!

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Lebrons OK, the dude chokes in crucial situation plus he's always blaming his teammates when clearly it was his fault. The way he left Cleveland for Miami was very unprofessional.
@TravisBeck That I agree, but if I were to decide between Lebron and Kobe, I would choose Lebron haha.
@a514girl98 Ahh well, nice to meet you haha basketball season starts in six days!
@mchlyang nice to meet u too! six days? I didn't know.. thanks for telling me??